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  • I am a SEO, an Entrepreneur, a Marketer and a human being with an independent and strong will. I am Adi.

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A Subtly Charming #SEO | Country-culture fanatic - George Strait & Johnny Cash | Coffee fan/ Pizza lover/ Social Media enthusiast | Loves - family, life & rain

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My Story - I started offering SEO as a freelancer on Warrior Forum in 2010. Ever since then, I have been learning about the industry and trying to go above and beyond in my learning endeavors. What started as a freelance effort soon turned into a passion for me. It paved way for me to unleash my entrepreneurial spirits. I founded this company and my offline businesses using revenues I generated through online marketing and SEO consulting.

Over time, I made a team of content marketers, developers and SEO expert to establish CrunchSEO. We, and I can proudly say this for my team as well, love helping others using our expertise.

Why "Rockstar" Adi? - Not a great story here ... Just a random username that I started using when I first came to online marketing  ... But hey, they say "your username choices reflect who you are" 🙂