CrunchSEO was initially started as a service on Warrior Forum. The idea behind the service was to offer affordable on-stop solution for all your SEO needs. The aim was to cover easy-to-advanced on-page issues for the client and also providing them backlinking solution that is complying with the changing scenario of SEO.

Meet the "Rockstar – Adi"

Hi! My name is Adi (or Rockstaradi as some say), the founder of CrunchSEO; and this is my story –

I started out as a virtual assistant in a SEO firm while I was at college. I was really thrilled by the changes and updates in the industry and started tracking them. Getting myself updated with all Search Engine updates and understanding impact of these updates soon became a hobby for me. 6 months down the lane I practically knew all the techniques and SEO strategies that were being used then. It is then I decided to start with my own SEO services company. I with two of my other friends from college started offering our services on Warrior Forum. The SEO trio was short-lived as my friends went on to choose other career options.

This is where I met Satish (a fellow Warrior Forum member) and we became friends and partners. We together started this SEO service as you see now. By grace of god (and our hard work); we had massive success and gained a loyal client base. Within a year of starting the SEO services; we were recommended by many online courses and experts. This further helped in expanding the business. 

My Business Interests

I love my job. The freedom and comfort it gives is unparalleled. I strongly believe in ‘Customer is King’ philosophy and always try my best to work on customer satisfaction system within the company. I also believe in a ‘ethics over profits’ and try and ensure that the same is regulated throughout the company. Making an honest living for me and my team is always a primary concern for me.

..And everything else –

  • I am a big foodie – love Pizzas
  • I am an Apple fan – no not the fruit but rather the iPhone, iPad, iMac sort of stuff 😉
  • I love coffee – drink lot of coffee and eat coffee flavored cookies and candies
  • I love experimenting with my looks and my desk – I change my desk layout almost twice a week
  • I am a clean freak – I hate when my workplace is untidy (has never been so far)
  • I love running – I have run as long as 5 kms in a single go
  • I exercise twice weekly and go do kick-boxing twice a week

There is so much more to me but not sure what’s important enough to be put here. So feel free to ask me anything on here or on Twitter (@crunchseo)