How To SEO A Single Page Website

by Adi on February 20, 2014

single page website seo

Is it possible to SEO a single page website?

Yes, indeed and here is how you do it.

One of the deciding ranking factor is the thickness of a website and the number of unique and interesting content pages that it has. However, ranking a website with just a single page is also possible. Have you seen a single page website before? I believe you have (if you browse enough and are into discovering new stuff) but in case you haven’t; have a look at the Delhi Timeline website. The look and feel is simply awesome and yes, it is a single page website.

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Post image for The Best Linkbuilding Tip Ever – “Don’t Build Links, Earn Them!”

The SEO space is all flooded with news and articles about how linkbuilding is all a thing of the past. Any attempt to manipulate the SERPs, either through buying links or creating spammy links, is going to be flagged sooner or later and your website is going to suffer. In such a space where algorithms keep changing so often, what is the best way to build links? The answer is simple – Don't build links, earn them! 

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Post image for [Infographic] SEO For Dentists – Improving Search Engine Visibility

If you are a dentist and use website as one of your marketing strategies, you need to think about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is not as tough as it sounds. In a post that we wrote last year, we covered how focusing on one single (read here – User Behavior – How It Affects SEO Results) element can improve your SEO reach and results. As a dentist, all you need to do is focus on one single thing – user experience. If you are able to provide proper and relevant content for your customers, that are searching for what you have to offer, you are destined to rank well for your keywords. Having said that, you now need to ensure that you are indeed able to provide good user experience to the website visitors and ensure that your website is properly developed and publicized. How do you do that for a dental website? Well, here is a short and to-the-point infographic that outlines few simple steps you can take today to improve your search engine visibility.

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Post image for 5 Attributes Of A Good Meta Title Tag

Meta title tag is one of the most important element of a webpage and a key location to reflect your target keyword(s). That being said, I see people crafting meta tags that are spammy and are not quite what is required. While you need to reflect the keywords in the Meta title tag, it doesn’t mean you need to stuff it with your keyword(s). Making it unnatural and spammy is the worst thing you can do to a Meta title. This would destroy your rankings in longer run. This would result in lower click-throughs for your website listings in search engine results. This post aims to educate about optimization of Meta title tag in today’s SEO context.

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