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I was recently contacted by a WordPress user and my client who wanted to change their URL structure but were not sure if that is the right thing to do considering they have made significant amount of backlinks to the old URL structure. They also required help making this done properly so they do not undermine any of their SEO effort. I agreed to help 🙂

When changing the URL structure; you got to ask yourself if this is really necessary? You might not want to just change the URL structure every now and then. So unless you have some good reasons you would not want to make the change.

A common yet good reason can be that when you started with WordPress you were not sure of SEO and you used the default URL (permalink) structure. Now you realize that your URLs are not SEO friendly and want to change them to something better. Let me explain this to you with an example –

For instance a URL structure like for a page called ‘About us’ is no good. You would want to read it something like This not only looks good but also is more SEO friendly since it contains the page title (or say ‘the keyphrase’) in URL structure. Having the keyword in URL structure is a huge plus in SEO.

Now that we know we have to change URL structure; how exactly do we go about it without affecting our link-building?

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I was recently contacted by a client who said that he used W3 Validator (link) on a WordPress Website. To his surprise; he was presented with a couple tens of errors and he was all paranoid. He sent me an email (with tons of typo; owing to the paranoia I guess) and reported this to me questioning my SEO and suggesting that I should have taken care of all such errors. This post is to help him and others for such a situation.

Firstly, do not get paranoid when you see such errors. The good thing is that most SE Bots including Google do not do a ‘code validation check’ in order to promote rankings. This is good because 70% (or even more) of the new websites are not 100% compliant with coding standards of W3 Validator. In my personal experience I have seen hundreds of websites that are ranking pretty well with tons of W3 Validation errors and are ranked in top 3 for their queried search term.

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Most of the clients that request SEO quote from me usually are not sure about the keywords they shall go after. There are also a portion of those who have chosen wrong keywords. Choosing right SEO keywords is the most crucial part of any SEO campaign and you sure do not want to get this bad. So the BIG question is ‘How can I choose the best keyword to promote my business?’ The answer is not simple. Let us go through some of the ways to get some good keyword ideas.

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A Fresh Start for CrunchSEO

by Adi on August 5, 2012

new start crunchseo

Howdy Crunchers! This is Adi here and I am glad to let you know that we have gone a long way since we started this company a year ago. What initially started as a Warrior Forum thread went on to change my life and led into starting CrunchSEO. We had been using a non-formal (more of a ‘rockstar’ design) Thesis custom template since almost a year and we were unable to make proper utilization of the website when it came to community interaction. We finally decided to take this website and this business up a notch. The new start has two motives – to expand our interaction with you on one hand and to expand our services’ reach on the other.

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