Infographic: User-Generated Content & It’s Relevance In SEO

by Adi on January 22, 2014

We all know the relevance of fresh and unique content in SEO. This is applicable to all website types – E-Commerce, blogs, services websites, catalog websites and others. We covered how we can use customer feedback as content in the previous post which you can read here – Using Customer Feedback As User-Generated Content. This comes in handy for the websites that deal with products that are sold/listed on various other online stores. Since the product description and specifications would be same on all the websites, it makes it hard for the webmasters to ensure originality and uniqueness in the content. User-generated content can prove immensely useful in such cases.

To emphasize how user-generated content is wonderfully relevant in SEO, we have created an infographic that summarizes and educates about user-generated content. So with further ado, here is the infographic –

user generated content and its relevance in seo

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