A Quick Audit Reveals: The Most Crucial Website Issues That Can Improve Your Search Engine Visibility & Conversions

Stuck with your website's poor search engine performance? Let us "quick audit" your website for over 40+ SEO factors and help improve your search engine visibility. To-the-point, No-Nonsense Audit Report. Actionable recommendations that make a difference!

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We check everything for you - from website design to keyword selection to linkbuilding to website usability. We check your website against our in-house 'tried and tested' list of  40+ factors.

fade-leftfade-rightThe 'Quick Audit' Report Encompasses ...

  • SE Visibility Analysis

    We check your website’s search engine visibility in three major search engines – Bing, Google and Yahoo.  This helps us set baseline for conducting the audit and working on other details.

  • Usability Analysis

    One of the most important ranking (and ‘selling’) factor is a website’s potential to deliver quality user experience. We audit your page elements to ensure that there are no usability issues. Proper guidance is given for dealing with any such issues we discover.

  • Keyword Analysis

    Keywords are the key ingredient for your SEO success. Failing to use a keyword with commercial intent is a surefire way to burn ROI. We audit your keyword strategy to ensure that you are using the best available keywords for your campaign.

  • Content Analysis

    We audit your website content and content structuring. We look for issues like duplicate content, content over optimization, unoptimized content and several other factors. We give you customized tips to improve your content strategy going forward.

  • Link Analysis

    We analyze your website’s backlink profile. We recommend changes that you need to make in your link-building strategies. We also recommend the right anchor text strategy to achieve better results.

  • Structure Analysis

    We look at your website structuring. We attempt to identify any structural issues that might be hindering rankings – issues like duplicate Meta tags, header errors, Sitemap errors, Robots.txt errors, etc.

fade-leftfade-rightFrequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo you perform the audit manually?

    Yes, we perform these audits manually. We do not use any bots or automated tools. We go to your website and evaluate its various elements. We check your website against a list of 40+ factors that we consider for our ‘quick audit’.

  • q-iconDo you review all my pages?

    The quick audit doesn’t include manual review of all your pages. This is a ‘quick’ audit. We look at the website on the whole. We do not focus on individual pages. That being said, we do identify the important inner pages and review them.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to audit my website?

    There is no rigid ‘time of arrival’ as such. The time taken depends on the kind of website that is being audited. A report is usually submitted within 5 days  of order confirmation. Sometimes, it might take up to 7 business days.

  • q-iconWhat details do you need to get started?

    Getting started is easy. Just pay using the buy button on the page – towards the top and the bottom. We would send you an online form upon confirmation of your payment. The form contains basic questions about your website and your target market. Once you have submitted those details, we will send you a confirmation email and start the audit process. It’s that simple!

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I had a redesign done in April last year and my rankings dropped towards beginning of June. I was spending about $500 in link-building each month but nothing seemed to work. I did perform on-site optimization that I learned but that also did not improve the website rankings. I finally asked Adi for help. He pointed out several issues that I never thought could affect the website. He gave me a long list of fixes. Some of them were very easy fix. Adi's team helped fix the rest of those by working with my developer. I have seen positive results since making those changes. I got the changes done in December and search engine visibility has already improved by 25% and it continues to improve. Adi is very knowledgeable and is my go-to guy for SEO.  These are the best 100 bucks I ever spent online.

Gilbert Vargas
Gilbert Vargas www.trugreenlawncareoffers.com

I am astonished to see the level of detail in the report. This is absolutely fantastic. I am not sure how to review what you just did. In a simple one word - AMAZING! The report was well-organized and clearly labels various different factors that were analyzed. It was neither too compact nor too lengthy. It was to the point and was very helpful. I am a photographer by profession and so I  did not know there was so much I am missing out in terms of SEO. The report opened a new window of thoughts and actions for me. Though I only paid a mere $99, I would have been happy to pay $300 or more for this. Adi was also very helpful and answered all my questions. He explained every detail and also made a screencast to help me out with my webpage's status code issue.  He also helped me setup an effective SEO campaign with his company. Thanks Adi!

Nisha Allshouse
Nisha Allshouse South Florida Photographer
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