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The easiest way to get an idea of the importance of SEO for a small business is to ask yourself a single question – how do you find the information that you need nowadays? More probably than not, you are not using newspapers and other old-school methods for collecting objective information. They are simply not effective and reliable enough, especially in comparison to the giant called Internet. That’s right! The majority of the people use the Internet in order to access information about whatever they might be interested in. Internet, however, is too generalized. What the users actually use is the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing among others.

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Just try to think of the first thing you do whenever you need to learn something or get access to particular information. Yeah, what you do is use one of the search engines and type in the first relevant words that come to your mind. The rest is done by the search engine! It displays hundreds of thousands of results as the most relevant ones are displayed on the first page. This way the websites which did hard work in order to make themselves appeal to the search engines can benefit a lot! Well, that’s what SEO is all about – making your website appeal to the search engines so that it is displayed on one of the first page!

What does SEO mean?

Speaking from a bit more theoretical point of you, SEO is an abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”. And Search Engine Optimization, in turn, is the activity of helping your website be regarded as relevant for certain keywords.

Why SEO can play a decisive role for small businesses?

A lot of big companies have realized the great importance of Search Engine Optimization, but many small businesses tend to regard SEO as an unnecessary item to be supported by their budget. The truth, however, is that SEO for small businesses can do amazing things – it can literally boost the sales, and increase the profits dramatically.

How does SEO increase profits for small businesses?

Once the essence of Search Engine Optimization has been made clear, it is really easy to figure out how it can work for your business. Let’s say you run a local shoe store in a big town. You are making good sales but you feel like there is more potential in your business. That’s where the SEO part comes into play. What you have to do is build your own website. It could either be an online shop where you can offer the same shoes like in your original shop, or it could just be an informative website so that people learn about your products. Once you have your website built, it needs to be optimized for certain keywords. The best part is that optimizing a small or local company’s website is quite easy due to the lower competition. At the same time, it can have an amazingly positive impact on your business.

What is the role of keywords for SEO for small businesses?

So your website has to be optimized for particular keywords. But what does it mean? What’s the role of keywords? Basically, “key-words” are the “key” which people use to access your website via the search engines. When people look for something on the Internet, they type in the search engine’s bar any words that are relevant to what they look for. Let’s get back to the example where you run a local shoe store in a town like Austin. A good keyword to optimize for would be “Austin shoe store”. The competition would certainly be low as not many shoe sellers have their own website, and even fewer of them know about SEO. Do you see how it works? When people type the words “Austin shoe store”, your website will be displayed first if you worked on SEO. Having in mind that at least 5.000 people will search for those keywords, at least 80% of them will visit your website which is about 4.000 people. Even if 10% of them buy something, that makes 400 additional sales per month thanks to the good Search Engine Optimization. This is quite a vivid, but absolutely real example of how business actually works. Indeed, using keywords of that type “business + location of business” is a universal rule which always gives excellent results for local and small businesses. Now, try to think about your own small business and how positively it is going to be affected by good SEO.

Is SEO a cost-effective investment for your small businesses?

It is a totally relevant question which many business people are probably asking themselves. Indeed, it does not really matter if SEO will increase sales, but if it will increase profit. Nobody would like to use SEO services if they would not increase the profits. However, any owner of a small business can personally evaluate how SEO will affect his business. In fact, most of the SEO service providers can give you a basic idea of what you could expect. Once the SEO experts decide to optimize for the most appropriate keyword, they will know how many times this keyword is used per month. On this basis, they can evaluate the most probable number of visitors and buyers which, in turn, can provide the basis for predicting the average increase in sales. Anyways, it is probably good to mention that in over 98% of the cases where good SEO is applied, the profits have increased significantly. Moreover, over 60% of the successful SEO campaigns bring a return on investment of over 300%; and 15% of them provide over 500% ROI. Yes, that’s how SEO works and these figures speak volumes about how cost-effective SEO for small businesses can be.

How to get quality SEO services for your small businesses?

It is really easy to get start with the Search Engine Optimization. Once you have your website built, you can contact us by requesting a quote. Having taken in mind your website and your set goals, we will shortly get back to you. Professionals always give detailed information about how they will get the work done and what results shall be expected. So that is how we do business…the professional way!

How to get started?

Getting started with SEO is easy. Just request a custom quote by filling out the ‘Free No-Obligation Quote Request’ form on the page. We shall evaluate your needs and get back to you promptly.

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